Make the Cash Cow Moo…

I’m glad you’ve found a way to join me here today. Since this is the first official post for this blog I’d like to start out at the absolute beginning, and, keep in mind that if I make things as simple as possible, everyone will be able to follow along with a full understanding and no one will be lost.
So, here we go… How does one acquire financial independence? Well, the first key point is that 76% of all wealth is started by owning your own business. That’s more than Pro Athletes, Lottery Winners and Shrewd Investors put together! The fact is, your chances of becoming wealthy with your own business are 285% greater than ANY other way of making money. Now those are some pretty good odds!

North, South, East or West?

So now the question becomes, what kind of business to start? Well, with retail floundering these days you definitely don’t want to open a store. And, with funding getting harder to come by than a parking spot in Manhattan, you probably don’t want to attempt to open any type of “brick and mortar” establishment at all. Since start up costs are a major issue for most potential business owners, you want to “get going” for the least amount of capital outlay with the potential of gaining the highest $$$$ returns and profits. Am I making sense so far?

Time is a Factor

Another key point is that, since virtually no one is instantly successful, you need to be able to start out on a part time basis and build up to the point where you can “kiss your boss goodbye.” It takes time to learn, understand and master all the elements of being successful in any given field. Face it, most of us will start out with almost no knowledge of our endeavor and work our way up to the “expert”, financially independent level. Looking back, this is actually a lot easier than it may initially seem. One great aspect of this is that you can choose how much time you devote each day to working toward your goal based on each days “real world” demands. With no one to “make” you work specific days or hours you’ll feel much more at ease. And feeling this freedom will, in turn, help motivate you to push toward your ultimate goal of… LOTS MORE MONEY!

Adding it up

When you take all these factors into consideration, it can only point you in one, absolute, direction. The fact is that the Fastest, Easiest, Simplest, Cheapest and Most Flexible way to put you on the road to huge profits is by working online! Starting an online business has, by far, the least amount of “start up” costs with the fastest return on your investment. You can literally be making a profit in a matter of days! And, with the plethora of information available, anyone can learn to build a lifetime income with ease. Believe me, there’s no better feeling than to wake up, go online, and see how much money your efforts have brought you overnight. Seriously, what other business can you make money while you sleep? And, the best part is, once you make the initial effort to “set up” each aspect of your online business, it continues to work for you, day after day with little more then occasional “maintenance. As each day passes, this leaves you more and more time for the “real” passions in your life.

OK, I think I’ve given you enough to feed upon today. Ponder the possibilities until my next post where we’ll venture into the different avenues of creating a lifetime income online. Till then…

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Baby Steps…

Any online entrepreneur will tell you that one of the undeniable facts to creating a steady flow of internet cash is setting up “streams of income”. In other words, you want to have MANY sources of revenue flowing in that add up to a healthy income, one you could actually live off of. So, we’ll start out small (and cheap) and work our way up, enabling you to get the feel for what we want to do and how we intend on accomplishing those goals. Baby steps…

First Things First

Think of a Username/Nickname that you would like to be known as (preferably business like) that you can use when opening any future accounts and/or addresses. You’re going to want your online “persona” to “be known” as a recognizable presence on the web, and a common link makes it easier to accomplish that. Give it a little thought and make it UNIQUE so that the chances of the name being available everywhere are good. Catchy helps as well… JackSmack or SueMcGrew are going to be more memorable than MrSmith or SaraJones. If you are known in real life as an expert on any subjects it adds legitimacy to incorporate that into your Username as well. TheGardenGuy or DiabetesGuru, for example. Ok, when you’re ready…

Let’s set up an email address that you will use strictly for business purposes instead of mixing it with your personal email. Go to either Google Mail or GMX Mail since these were voted #1 and #2 out of all the free mail services. Just choose the one you feel the most comfortable with and set up your account utilizing the Username/Nickname that you came up with. Simple and FREE.

Your First “Income Stream”

Practically every website you visit has “Ads by Google” on it, why?, because millions of dollars a day are made with them. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, two parties are getting paid… Google, and the person that published the ad. You are going to tap into that “stream”. It’s FREE to join and takes nothing more than filling out an online application. Let’s do that now… Go to Google Adsense and click on the “Sign up Now” button. Just follow the simple instructions and fill out the necessary information.


Don’t forget to Bookmark the “login” pages for any accounts so you can easily find them in the future : )

Ok, we’ve made some serious progress today and you’re off to a Great start. Next time we’ll show you where and how to use your new accounts to make money… FREE, of course!

PS: BTW, if this series moves too slow for you, and you feel like you’re able tackle more on your own, then please feel free to try out any of the ads on this page. These are hand picked and will provide a Wealth of Information that you’ll want to learn for the future anyway. Till next time…

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